Blog ini cuma sebuah laku bacalah, bukan bacakanlah.

Sebab bisikan selalu jatuh lembut di telinga, tak seperti teriak yang menghantam pekak.
Tidak seperti gema yang menggelantah dengan dobrakan gelora, melainkan lebih ingin gaungnya pribadi dan dadi abadi.
Untuk disimpan di dalam batin, bagai bersemedi di dalam nadi.

Makna bersembunyi pada selumbar-selumbar semantik, pada pendar-pendar punktuasi. Walaupun ia akan dijumpai bilamana dicari.

September 12, 2009

while fall calls

Fool, do you think anyone’s born either as or to be cynical?

Blame society for its cruel
Blame those untrusted human beings
Blame packs of pseudo-friend about sharing some reciprocal intimacies

Blame civilized system which causes irritation in all aspect of fundamental gratification
Blame the victory of competing who has the biggest ego

Blame morons who are unable to see harmony of diversity
Blame stupidity of seniority

Blame big town that has cut e v er y th i ng

Blame Stuttgart ;
for snatchingstealing
for takingtearing
from me
my solely radiance

For its cruel has successfully ruined me
For now I feel just empty

*blame few shots I've drunk.

keep retorting

Even perfect woman (if there’s one of a kind) is human still.
Her capability of healing is not unlimited.

“How can I live when we’re parted?”
“All we need is space; it is spaciousness all we hold.”
“Forgive my earthly possession.”

“Fail to understand how perfect love can be confounded out of hand.”
“One more longing backward glance.”
“I just want our time to be slower and gentler.”

She knew he needs her. He needs her to know him.

He needs her anyway. Screw it.

Different perspectives. Similar aims.
And after the acute aches of faint sacrificies, in five timeless years, yeah, yeah, what’s on earth they will put any concern in that.

In the end, neither death nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, not powers will separate them.
Virtus, concordia, fides.